9 Must-Read Blogs for Car Lovers

by AutoInsuranceQuotes.org Staff Writer on June 6, 2012

If you’re a true car lover, you understand the way your heart beats fast when you see a foreign sports car drive by, the feeling you get in your stomach when you get to take a friend’s ride for a little test run, and the sensation of salivating over the engine of a classic muscle car. You also understand that you just can’t get enough, whether it’s driving a vehicle or reading up on industry news. During those times when you can’t be behind the wheel, take a look at these awesome car blogs — and bookmark them because you’re going to want to come back to them later.

  1. Jalopnik:

    More fun than a straight automotive news site, Jalopnik collects all the news stories out there that involve cars in any way, whether it’s through video games, crashes, or just stupid drivers. Go to this blog for the latest in car crimes, to read up on racing games, and chime in on car questions to possibly see your response featured in the “Answers of the Day” section.

  2. TrueCar:

    If the car industry is what really gets your engine revving, TrueCar’s daily news roundups are the perfect place to start your day. This blog gives you the good (and bad) news for different makes, national trends, and more. In between news updates, read lists about the best cars for your priorities, whether it’s low price, good gas mileage, or clean energy.

  3. Motor Trend blog:

    Reading the Motor Trend blog is like discussing cars with your friends, except they all happen to know a lot more than you and have access to lots of cars and industry events. The expert contributors to this blog can teach you a thing or two about new concept cars, shopping for your next vehicle, and which way-out-of-your-budget luxury cars are worth drooling over. No matter what kinds of cars you like, you’ll find something to suit your fancy here.

  4. Ridestory:

    The perfect place for enthusiasts, Ridestory covers news on classic American cars, sporty European vehicles, and even the car you’re probably stuck driving until that lottery ticket pays off. The founder of this site understands what it’s like to be car-obsessed, so he tries to scratch that itch with all the auto news, reviews, and car advice you can consume.

  5. Motor Authority:

    Got an extra couple hundred thousand dollars lying around? Take a look at Motor Authority to find out which luxury or performance vehicle you should spend it on. With a focus on beautiful supercars and inventive modifications, this blog will inspire you to start saving up cash for your dream car and will provide first-drive reviews of some other more budget-friendly models in case you come up a little bit short.

  6. The Smoking Tire:

    If your days are already filled with too much reading, check out The Smoking Tire for great car-related videos. With many they produce themselves and others that any car lover will find interesting, the guys at this blog bring you the best clips out there to get your day going. It will at least give you something to watch during the commercials in Top Gear.

  7. Transmission:

    Speaking of Top Gear, Transmission: the Top Gear TV blog will keep you up to date with your favorite auto experts, both from the U.K. and the U.S. versions of the hit show. Get news, show previews, and post-show discussions for those days when you just can’t get enough fast cars or behind-the-scenes action.

  8. Fast Lane Daily:

    Another great visit for video-lovers. If you only have about 10 minutes to catch up on all the automotive industry news (and scantily clad car models), Fast Lane Daily’s newscast-style segments will keep you in the loop and lusting over attractive … cars. They also have features about specific automakers on their Audi, BMW, Ferrari World, and other tabs.

  9. Car Talk blog:

    With their decades of car knowledge, bad jokes, and infectious laughter, Car Talk radio show hosts Click and Clack are a favorite among car lovers and know-nothings alike. The blog acts as a companion to the show, answering questions from fans, publishing responses to things the brothers have gotten wrong, and providing a space for other staff members and contributors to chime in on relevant topics.

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