8 Safety Tips for Aging Drivers

by AutoInsuranceQuotes.org Staff Writer on September 4, 2012

Enjoying your golden years? We hope so. And we hope you enjoy your golden years safely. Driving can be a difficult task at any age, and your car insurance premiums will increase if you cause problems on the road. Safety should be your top concern when driving, especially if you’re advancing in age. You’re not too old to rule the road, but check out these eight safety tips for aging drivers.

  1. Don’t Drive At Night

    If your eyes aren’t what they used to be, don’t tempt fate. It could be unsafe for you to drive at night. Many people of all ages experience night blindness, but it can get worse with age. Be mindful of the onset of night blindness, and adjust your driving needs accordingly. You’re old, party animal — what are you doing out so late, anyway?!

  2. Have Your Vision Checked

    You should have your vision checked once a year, more often if you have corrective lenses. Your eyes change over time, but don’t let that discourage you from driving. Know your limits, invest in some prescription sunglasses, and drive safely. If you ever find yourself squinting to read road signs, have your vision checked again.

  3. Refresh Yourself On The Rules

    As transportation has changed over your lifetime, so have some key driving rules. Review the rules of the road in your state every five years, and stay abreast of current events. Locally, this means knowing top highway speed limits and proper procedures when driving in a road work zone.

  4. Obey Traffic Laws

    It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s important: Don’t break the law. Be mindful of speed maximums and minimums (popular in some states, such as Colorado) and other traffic laws. Use your blinker when changing lanes; make sure you fully stop your vehicle before proceeding through a stop sign. Every little bit helps, and mindfulness goes a long way.

  5. Drive With Confidence

    It’s a common perception that elderly drivers are slow and clueless. Bust that stereotype by being a confident, collected aging driver. It might take some route planning and rule refreshers, but it’s possible to drive with confidence smartly and safely at any age.

  6. Invest In Sunglasses

    Give your eyes a break, and invest in some polarized sunglasses. They’re available in prescription, as well. If your eyes aren’t strained on the road, you’re more likely to have an enjoyable, safe driving experience.

  7. Consider A Rearview Camera

    It’s a new safety feature that some cars have, but rearview cameras can be installed on older cars, too. This device includes a screen of the road behind you. It’s perfect for parallel parking and reversing into tight spots and can remove stress from a driver of any age.

  8. Know When It’s Time To Hang Up The Keys

    It’s inevitable — if you live long enough, you will be unable to drive at some point. If you’ve gotten tickets or been the cause of any wrecks lately, it could be time to consider forgoing the use of a car. Know when it’s time to hang up the keys. And be safe out there!

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