6 Tips for Selling Your Car Online

by AutoInsuranceQuotes.org Staff Writer on December 3, 2012

Selling your car online allows you to reach far more potential buyers than you would by placing an ad in a newspaper. But using the Internet doesn’t mean you won’t have to vet and meet potential buyers in person, or that you won’t have to deal with all the paperwork necessary to transfer ownership of your vehicle to that buyer. If you’re new to the process, check out these six tips for selling your car online.

  1. Choose a site:

    There are several websites that you can use to sell your car. Choose a few, and then take some time to explore each individual site from the point of view of a buyer. Check out CarsDirect.com, AutoTrader.com, and Cars.com, along with craigslist and eBay as potential sites you can use to sell your car.

  2. Know your car:

    Check your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number against a reliable database to determine the make and model of your car. You’ll also want to note in your online ad mileage, the condition of your car, and any other details a potential buyer should know.

  3. Take photos:

    Take several photos of your car to upload. Be sure to take photos of both the exterior and interior of your car, as well as any special features that make it an attractive buy. You should also photograph any damage or defects in order to give potential buyers an honest look at what you’re trying to sell.

  4. Price your car fairly:

    Check out Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds.com to determine a fair selling price for your vehicle. Also take a look at ads for vehicles similar to yours, and consider visiting some used car dealers in your area. Be sure you price your car fairly, and determine how low of an offer you’re willing to accept.

  5. Have your paperwork ready:

    Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain any paperwork you need to complete a sale of your car. You’ll need a bill of sale or vehicle transfer form, and up-to-date emissions certificate, registration, and release of liability form. Once your car has been sold, be sure to cancel your insurance so that you won’t be responsible for anything that happens to it once you’ve given up the keys.

  6. Be safe:

    Throughout the process of selling your vehicle take precautions for your personal safety. Selling a car can put you at risk for robbery, fraud, and assault. Vet the potential buyers who contact you thoroughly, if they are reluctant to give you information you need, move on to another buyer. Don’t go to your first meeting with a potential buyer alone, and make sure that meeting is not at your house but in a public space.

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