Watch for Cars – Traffic Safety for Kids

It is important that children learn early on the importance of traffic and bike safety. With so many different people on the roads, and everyone in a hurry, children need to learn how to keep themselves safe and what to look out for when riding their bike or riding in a car. There are many lesson plans, games, activities, and resources available to help teach children the importance of traffic and bike safety. Educators and parents both need to take an active role and learn how to communicate important safety information to children in a constructive manner that they will understand and retain. The following is a collection of information, activities, and games to help children learn and practice proper traffic and safety precautions.

Traffic Safety

  • Just for Kids: – Links and resources geared towards kids to help them learn and observe traffic safety.
  • SafeNY – A kid’s page full of helpful information about traffic safety.
  • Otto Club – A fun page for kids teaching important traffic safety lessons.
  • Play It Safe – Traffic safety activities and information for children.
  • Safe Roads Traffic Safety Program – An interactive website for kids about the importance of traffic safety.
  • Traffic Safety Fact Sheet – Brief information and tips for kids about traffic safety.
  • Traffic School for Kids – Learn about road safety and how you can protect yourself when riding in a car, on your bike, or just walking.
  • Traffic Safety Game Show – Test your knowledge of bike safety with this educational game.
  • Kids and Cars – A website with tons of important information about traffic safety.
  • SafeKids USA – Information about traffic safety and the use of booster and car seats for smaller children.
  • Traffic Safety Quiz – A classroom activity that can be used to teach traffic safety to young children.
  • Stop Look and Listen Game – This interactive game helps students learn proper road safety.
  • Streetwise Game – Play this fun and interactive traffic safety game to help remember the importance of traffic safety.
  • Street Safety Game – Test your street safety skills with this interactive traffic safety game.
  • Road and Accident Safety – Learn what to do in case there is an accident with this activity game.
  • Crosswalk Safety – Learn about crosswalk safety and what to watch out for when crossing the street.
  • The Traffic Safety Song – Practice this simple song to help young children remember proper traffic safety.
  • Road Sign Matching Games – Learn the meaning of all of the different road signs with this fun game.

Bike Safety